A consultation with the Audiologist will help you select the appropriate hearing aid.

Factors that are considered during the consultation are:

  • Hearing loss and the amount of gain required
  • The size and shape of the ear
  • Physical abilities like hand and finger control as well as vision
  • Lifestyle conditions
  • Budget

A Variety of Hearing Aid Styles

Different styles of hearing aids available are shown below.

Made for iPhone

Connect directly to your iPhone®, iPad® and iPod touch® via the TruLinkô App.

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Invisible Products

Rest in the second bend of the ear canal where no one can see them.

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Small, discreet and quick to fit. Perfect for first-time hearing aid wearers.

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Only the tiny removal handle of the hearing aid shows outside of the ear canal.

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The world's most common hearing aid style. Available in standard, mini or power.

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Custom hearing aid that fits in the ear canal. Smaller portion shows in outer ear.

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Custom hearing aid that fits within the outer portion of the ear.

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Designed to deliver relief from ringing in the ears.

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TruLink Hearing Control App

Stream music, media and more directly from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to your hearing aids.

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Our innovative line of SurfLink accessories - combined with our wireless hearing aids - let you live life the way you want, no wires attached!

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Hearing Protection

Products you can use to help preserve your hearing health.

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Personal Audio

Product designed to help you listen fully and communicate clearly.

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