For Brad and Caryn Woods, being able to help those in Swift Current and surrounding area assess, maintain and improve their hearing health is not only a vocation, it's a passion. As the couple behind The Hearing Place, they understand just how important overall hearing health is to their clients' lives. As proud parents and dedicated community members, the Woods' are proud to offer caring, personal attention to hearing health, and solutions for those with auditory issues.

Over 15 Years Experience

An audiologist for more than 15 years, Caryn works with clients of all ages, including toddlers and newborns. The Woods opened Cypress Audiology Centre in 2006 when they moved to Swift Current from Regina changing their name to The Hearing Place in 2010.

Taking Care of Your Hearing Health

The name, The Hearing Place, fits well with Caryn's primary concern for their clients' overall hearing health. At the first appointment, clients discuss their reasons for coming before undergoing a complete diagnostic assessment using state-of-the-art equipment. Then, Caryn goes through her assessments and findings with clients about how their ears are actually hearing.

Ensuring a Long Term Hearing Health Plan

If at the conclusion of your assessment, it has been determined that a hearing aid can prove beneficial, clients' budgets and instrument options are discussed to determine the best choice. When fitting a hearing aid, Caryn reviews clients' daily routines and activities important to them, as well as times and places when hearing struggles most affect them. Should clients need further consultation with an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat doctor) or another medical specialist, Caryn can refer to her network of colleagues within the medical community. The end goal is to ensure clients leave The Hearing Place with knowledge and confidence about the future of their hearing health.

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