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As the couple behind The Hearing Place, Brad and Caryn Woods understand just how important overall hearing health is to their clients' lives.

As proud parents and dedicated community members, the Woods' are proud to offer caring, personal attention to hearing health, and solutions for those with auditory issues.

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Hearing Products

It is not about simply selling you a hearing aid and wishing you luck as we send you out the door". "We use hearing aids as an important part of an overall rehabilitation strategy.

Our role and our goal is to empower you to hear better, and to work with you to come up with solutions that are going to give you the most benefit.

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Our Services

Our licensed Clinical Audiologist Caryn Woods, will conduct all the tests and procedures.

We are equipped with the most advanced test equipment and use the latest technology to ensure an accurate and comprehensive evaluation of your hearing. We are not a TRAVEL CLINIC. We are a fully licensed, full time, Hearing Healthcare Facility.

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Accepting referrals from family physicians, specialists, most third party insurers, self-referrals, other audiologists and dispensers.

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